• 20 June, 2017

Uniflex adds dimension to habitual layouts. We don’t dwell only on the creation of statical 3D packaging image, our aim is to show it to you in a convenient interactive form.

Using special Esko software we create the dynamic image of packaging, which we will print.

Esko Studio Viewer


What can you do with 3D layout?

1. Rotate the layout vertically and horizontally to simulate the product look depending on shelf display.
2. See the finished design “alive” with the imitation of materials, paints, printing types and finishing technologies.
3. Examine the layout in finest details in order to verify the text and make sure that important design elements are out of sealing and folding zones.
4. Evaluate the layout from a distance to simulate a whole picture of the packaging perception by consumers.
5. Take along: Esko Studio Viewer is available for desktops and mobile devices.
6. Submit the 3D-layout to a “field test”: place a mobile device near to competitors products and estimate design chances of winning a real battle for a customer.

A 3D layout scalability

Layouts are fully scalable

Test the design not in static images, but in the most realistic conditions. Only a simple and free Esko Studio Viewer software is needed to view packaging and labels 3D layouts on any device.

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