• 26 January, 2017

Special bright colors of both bottles and labels are the main feature of the new-year edition.  

Uniflex had the task to create a contrast between the label and the bottle glossy surface by using snow patterns. Bright white lettering and logo metallizing were among the client`s requirements. 

Label for Bulbash winter product line 

The front label is printed on metallized film. This material have already been used for Bulbash special editions, although tradition Bulbash materials are super-transparent film and semigloss paper.

The label is printed with the use of 2 Pantone colors and the screen white ink. Uniflex technologists have specially selected Pantone colors for maximum visual bottle-label integrity.

Bulbash holiday edition product  

The main technological feature is the applying of rotary screen on the white ink and varnish. Initial design layout envisioned gloss varnish on ice-like patterns. Uniflex experts proposed 3 technological options: gloss screen varnish, matte screen varnish, the combination of matte flexo varnish and gloss screen varnish. In the end, the client decided on matte screen varnish for visual and tactile strengthening of the “frosty” effect. 

As a result, Bulbash bottles attract attention and create holiday mood.

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