• 07 May, 2015

Advantages and disadvantages of different packaging

High demand for flexible films is based on the fact that flexible plastic packaging is all-purpose, efficient and is almost not limited in printing methods that can be applied to flexible packaging.

  • The film does not only attract the attention of consumers, but also meets all environmental requirements: it can be easily recycled and utilized.
  • Web films production involves a high degree of end-products protection.
  • Light weight of plastic packaging significantly increases the logistics efficiency for the goods delivery.
  • Roll packing cost is less than other packaging materials.
  • Preservation of the food natural properties: flexible packaging does not add any impurities to food goods during their transportation and storage)
  • In comparison with paper and carton bags, flexible plastic packaging has a high mechanical strength and resistance to moisture, oxygen and flavour.

At present time polymeric flexible packaging covers almost all industrial application fields, especially it is broadly used in food industry.

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