• 16 November, 2017

The Belvingroup company has renewed the product line of Chin Chin sparkling wine. Not only was the design changed, but also the recipe. The product line has been expanded, so the label required a new perspective.

The balanced and minimalistic design stands out from traditional champagne labels. Non-standard label geometry draws attention to the brand name in the centre.

Self-adhesive labels for Chin Chin sparkling wine

The wine bottle in the new design brings to mind the image of an elegant and expensive jewellery. The colours used, including trendy pink, deepen this feeling. The company is sure that rebranding will help Chin Chin to become a real centrepiece during the holiday feast.

Uniflex printing house has successfully brought the design to life. Moreover, during printing tests, Uniflex technologists matched new unique colours which were different from the original layout.

Chin Chin sparkling wine labels

Champagne labels were printed on the metallised material with the use of cold stamping. The application of embossing helped to highlight the brand name.

The result: owing to vivid and second to none labels, the Chin Chin product line looks very stylish and modern.

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