• 24 March, 2016

Self-adhesive label design for the RANINA brand

Dugladze Wine Company is a prominent Georgian wine and spirits manufacturer. The company is an active player on the alcoholic beverages market with new products and brands coming out every year.

RANINA – A wine label design inspired by Georgian songs and traditions

In 2015 Dugladze released 7 new products on the market. Late in the year they introduced a new brand of wine – RANINA.

Unlike the competition where the majority of the products are long-established brands with a history dating back to Soviet era times, RANINA is a modern Georgian brand created to build a better connection with national culture and traditions in the theme of songs and festivities of the Georgian people.

Uniflex team was excited to work on the new self-adhesive labels for the RANINA product line. We experimented a lot with paper whiteness and other design elements to achieve the best quality of the new brand.

This version is in Georgian and was designed for the domestic market

The rich Georgian culture is masterfully depicted in the design and we wanted to print the labels without losing any detail. The optimal solution was found in flexo printing on metallized paper with double white paint. Key design elements were highlighted with embossing simulation, selective matte, glossy, and screen varnishes.

As with the other self-adhesive labels we printed for Dugladze Wine Company, RANINA received a lot of attention from packaging and product design professionals both in Georgia and abroad.

We are looking forward to new challenging label & packaging projects from our clients!

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