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  • 13 March, 2024

Uniflex successfully passed the Halal recertification procedure

Uniflex has successfully completed Halal recertification procedure, which guarantees that company’s products and services comply with Islamic canonical norms (UAE.S GSO 2055-1:2015 standard).

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  • 17 November, 2023

German laboratory Interseroh+ conducted a global study of Uniflex polypropylene barrier packaging and confirmed its suitability for recycling

After taking part in a poll from research laboratory Interseroh+ at the beginning of 2023 Uniflex won the prize – a global study of one sample of packaging for its recyclability.

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  • 24 August, 2023

Monostructural PE packaging Uniflex has successfully passed the recertification of the Institute cyclos-HTP GmbH

Monostructural barrier and non-barrier polyethylene packaging materials, developed by Uniflex, have once again confirmed their recyclability.

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