• 17 November, 2023

German laboratory Interseroh+ conducted a global study of Uniflex polypropylene barrier packaging and confirmed its suitability for recycling - 1

After taking part in a poll from research laboratory Interseroh+ at the beginning of 2023 Uniflex won the prize – a global study of one sample of packaging for its recyclability. Uniflex R&D engineers decided to send as a sample for study and analysis gusseted bag made of metallized polypropylene structure with barrier. The sample for testing wasn’t chosen by chance – we wanted to check specifically packaging with metallized layer, because such packaging is required for many products.

The reason for this is that metallized layer in bags and films containing it helps to retain aroma of the product and minimize influence of such external factors as UV light (whiсh means preventing fat oxidation) and humidity and, as a result, extends product shelf life.

According to the report prepared by Interseroh+ laboratory evaluation of Uniflex mono-PP bags was made taking into account infrastructure of collection, sorting and recycling in 20 countries including Germany, Italy, Norway, USA, Australia, China. The main criteria for recyclability evaluation were assignment of packaging to collection system, sortability of packaging and its suitability for mechanical recycling.

The sample provided by Uniflex received 18 out of 20 points, which proves that our barrier metallized polypropylene packaging is recyclable and meets a standard recognized in Germany and beyond. Such packaging may be labeled with “Made for Recycling” logo.

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