• 15 June, 2018

In partnership with Атлант-М company, on June 9 Uniflex took part at the active outdoor event “Июнька 2018”.

“Июнька” is an incredible mix of sports events, active games and team sketches. In total, a big meadow on the Isloch river has hosted around 3000 people.

Uniflex at "Июнька 2018"

Our company participated in such an outstanding event for the first time. However, Uniflex via 120 initiative team members showed determination, perseverance and fighting spirit in volleyball, badminton and other outdoor games.

Uniflex team

Our team had a perfect time socialising with colleagues, meeting with other companies and even swimming in a cold river.

This day, rich in the events, has ended with dances and a big bonfire.

"Июнька" in a nutshell

With all these wonderful impressions after the event, the Uniflex team proved that our company is good at productive rest.

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