• 15 December, 2016

On December 7 Uniflex held the joint press conference of EBRD and Priorbank with the participation of Uniflex top management. The main topic of discussion was the successful investment project financing under EBRD's Risk Sharing Facility loan in partnership with Priorbank. 

Speakers have also set out prospects for program development and areas of further cooperation.

Journalists are visiting Uniflex production site

Local media representatives are on tour of the Uniflex production site

The event was covered by Belarusian print and digital media, as well as 3 TV channels. 

Совместная пресс-конференция ЕБРР, Приорбанка и УнифлексJoint press conference of EBRD, Priorbank and Uniflex

EBRD and Priorbank will fund Belarusian companies up to 11 mln dollars under RSF. Uniflex is the first company received long-term money   

Cooperation between Uniflex and EBRD began in 2014. During this period consulting programs in IFRS and marketing were successfully brought off. Additionally, Uniflex launched new energy-efficient Comexi F2 printing press through the EBRD's Belarus Sustainable Energy Finance Facility (BelSEFF).

Yury Mechkovsky, Uniflex CEO

Yury Mechkovsky, Uniflex CEO, stated that effective company's operations and customers satisfaction were standing on constant equipment renewal and, therefore, on significant investments

Alexander Pivovarsky, Head of the EBRD office in Belarus

Alexander Pivovarsky, Head of the EBRD office in Belarus, took a favourable view of implementing RSF in cooperation with Uniflex and said that such programs can provide companies with more significant amount of funding. He stressed that company's decision-making based on thorough analysis and the understanding of industry challenges is particularly important for effective loan funds application.

Vadim Matyushkin, Deputy Chairman of the Priorbank Board

Vadim Matyushkin, Deputy Chairman of the Priorbank Board, believes that foreign investment is a positive factor for private companies development.
He compared such finance facility to “natural selection” in the private sector, as the borrowers need to meet strict requirements.

Valery Rudko, first deputy CEO of Uniflex

Valery Rudko, a first deputy CEO of Uniflex, is expecting to renew beneficial partnership under the current credit line.    

Uniflex has reached a preliminary agreement with the EBRD and Priorbank about receiving a new loan under RSF for further modernization in 2017-2018.

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