• 03 May, 2018

Innovative, smart and simple reclosable solution is now available for Uniflex ready-to-use pouches. Uniflex pouches with a consumer-friendly Velcro Press-Lok reclose system provide additional convenience for customers and increase brand recognition for companies. Due to the hook to hook engagement, the pouch easily aligns with a squeeze, while the opening is accompanied with a distinctive sound, which creates an easy to open and secure packaging solution.

Velcro Press-Lok reclose system is suited for:

  • confectionery
  • snacks and cereals
  • nuts
  • spices and herbs
  • pet food
  • detergents

Velcro Press-Lok smart and simple closure

Press-Lok solution is applicable for Uniflex doypacks and flat pouches. Depending on the product and the pouch type, there are 3 Press-Lock options.

Request a pouch sample at info@uniflexpackaging.eu or get a quote for your package. 

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