• 30 March, 2022

Mono-material packaging from the company Uniflex was tested in a specialized laboratory and received certificates confirming its recyclability up to 97%.

The possibility and percentage of recycling into raw materials was confirmed by German institute Cyclos-HTP GmbH, a leading German expert in the field of waste and material flow management, which provides services for classifying, evaluating and testing the recyclability of packaging and goods.

Uniflex sent for certification 3 different doypack samples made from PE only. European experts made expertize of each layer of mono PE compositions and evaluated proportion of non-recyclable substances (inks, varnishes, adhesives), barrier content in total weight of packaging, compatibility of used materials, possibility of detection of the predominant valuable fraction in the sorting flow, etc. Tests showed that the highest aggregated recyclability of one sample out of three is 97%. This means that 97% of the bag material can be recycled into PE granules and transformed into PE film for food production again, as well as for the production of other polymer products: pipes, benches, tiles, garbage bags, containers, greenhouse films, decor elements and etc.

Uniflex mono-material packaging combines excellent recyclability and barrier qualities. It can be available in different shapes and formats, with a wide range of printing and finishing options. This is a perfect variant for many food products in terms of barrier protection, as well as supporting environmental sustainability and circular economy,” CEO Alexander Khomichenko comments. “Based on test results that we received from independent research lab, we can say that, when properly collected, sorted and recycled, our sustainable packaging can be given a second life after use. It will help to preserve primary resources and reduce total amount of garbage at landfills. Uniflex is not going to stop there. Together with raw material producers and consumers of flexible packaging our team of professionals continues to test different materials working on constant optimization of the structure and design of recyclable packaging by reducing non-recyclable components (inks, varnishes, adhesives, etc.) in the structure,” Alexander Khomichenko added.

Uniflex has been producing commercial mono-material orders since December 2020 and has already implemented recyclable packaging projects for such segments as groceries, dairy products, pet food, confectionery, household chemicals. The printing house is ready to offer its expertise in the production of recyclable packaging for customers who build their business taking care about the environment.

Sustainability of Uniflex packaging is confirmed by certificates of European institute Cyclos-HTP GmbH - 1

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