• 13 March, 2024

Uniflex has successfully completed Halal recertification procedure, which guarantees that company’s products and services comply with Islamic canonical norms (UAE.S GSO 2055-1:2015 standard).

Uniflex successfully passed the Halal recertification procedure - 1

Halal symbol is a special, universal all over the world mark that is applied to the packaging of goods manufactured by company that has Halal certificate. Halal mark serves as a direct proof of product quality and its compliance to all necessary requirements and standards.

The main phases of Halal certification procedure start with the analyses of production preparation, which includes an audit of the current state of production facilities and processes. This aspect is critical to ensure product compliance with Halal standards and maintain consumer trust.

Equally important is the assessment of the used raw materials — all raw materials must be certified and meet strict standards. Alongside with that, special attention is paid to logistics and storage of the products.

Staff training plays an important role too. Employees must understand the basic principles of Halal and strictly follow established procedures.

To meet Halal standards after receiving the certificate company must conduct regular inspections and audits. This includes monitoring of all processes and immediate correction of any identified violations, if they occur.

Deep understanding of the aspects listed above, as well as strict adherence to them not only contributed to successful Halal certification, but also ensure high quality of Uniflex products.

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