• 27 May, 2016

Uniflex has successfully passed the recertification audit on conformity to the BRC Global Standard (HACCP) for Packaging and Packaging Materials, and achieved the highest possible grade – AA.
Uniflex has become the third AA-certified company in the CIS - 1
Compliance with the HACCP standard confirms that the food safety management system implemented in the printing house is at the highest level, which guarantees the absence of physical, chemical and microbiological contaminants on flexible packaging. Grade AA is assigned to companies able to demonstrate best manufacturing practices and have no more than 10 insignificant non-conformities detected in the course of the audit (Uniflex had two).

To be awarded the certificate the company then must provide evidence that the non-conformities have been corrected within 28 days. Uniflex has become the third AA-certified company in the CIS.

Certification was performed by SAI Global auditing company, which complimented us on the innovations and the process approach to prepress.

Safe flexible packaging manufacturing

HACCP standard has been developed to protect the rights of consumers and is regularly updated based on the latest trends in the area of production safety.

Uniflex cares about its customers; therefore we make our best effort to ensure that our products conform to the highest international standards. The HACCP system makes it possible for food, medical, and personal care companies to enter the European market and compete with the local players on equal terms. The laws of many countries include mandatory requirements to implement the HACCP principles. In addition, products that have HACCP conformity marks attract the attention of buyers and make investors more eager to invest.

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