• 09 March, 2016

Flexographic Technical Association logo

We are excited to announce Uniflex has joined The Flexographic Technical Association, an international organization designed to foster flexo printing industry development and improve industry-wide cooperation.

In addition to great networking opportunities, FTA hosts one of the most prestigious and longest-running print competitions, The Annual Excellence in Flexography Awards. It is the oldest annual event in printing with over 50 years of history. Printing companies from all over the globe participate in The Awards to get the chance to win industry-wide recognition and prestige.

FTA membership will provide us with great opportunities to learn from the best industry experts, improve our knowledge, and integrate new and fascinating printing technologies faster.

With 1 400 member companies and 52 000 connected professionals worldwide, FTA provides ample opportunity for us to implement the newest best practices and deliver better products to our customers.

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