For consumers, perceived product quality starts with its visual appearance. The issues of preserving product appearance may arise on the production stage, which is particularly true when packaging products are sensitive to temperatures.

Press cold welding decreases the risk of product damaging and can enable faster lines speed. However, this technology features additional requirements to the packaging material.

Uniflex developed pre-glued Cold Seal flexible packaging that optimally matches cold welding technology.

The application of Cold Seal films

Products that benefit from Uniflex Cold Seal films:

Uniflex flexible packaging with Cold Seal coating

During the manufacturing of roll packaging, films are coated with cold seal adhesive. Flowpack from the packaging roll is formed under pressure, no heat is required.

The acquired weld features durability, while the adhesive leaves no traces on the products. Uniflex manufactures two-layer laminates with a special release film preventing film adhesion in a roll.

Available composites: BOPP matt/transparent + BOPP pearl white; BOPP matt/transparent + BOPP metallized.

Advantages of Cold Seal packaging :

  • preserving the product appearance
  • high-speed packing (1.5 - 2 times faster in comparison with heat seal)
  • easy opening for an end customer
  • BRC-compliant production

Functionality of Cold Seal packaging: 

  • 10-colour flexo printing
  • quality close to rotogravure printing thanks to HD Flexo high screen rulings technology
  • performance improvement of packing machines

Uniflex Cold Seal packaging

Uniflex technologies for your product

When manufacturing Cold Seal packaging, it is important to ensure compatibility of all elements – films, inks and adhesives. Each new composite is tested first by Uniflex RnD team and then by clients on their production site. 

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