According to the Flexible Packaging Technology magazine, 75% of customers believe that modern-day packaging is harder to open than it needs to be. On-the-go lifestyle sets new requirements to products and covering in which products are wrapped. Growing popularity of easy-to-consume food has resulted in the need for convenient flexible packaging solutions.  

Moreover, the ageing of the population is continuing which means the increasing demand for easy to handle packaging.     

In response to these emerging trends, Uniflex has developed a laser-scribed Easy Open packaging.

Easy Open packaging 

Uniflex Easy Open packaging enables easy unlocking along the laser-scored line which enhances customer convenience during consumption.  

This type of wrapping is of particular benefit to manufacturers producing:

How is it made

The top layer of films composite is scribed on the slitting-rewinding machine. Laser-scored punches form a guiding line for easy uncovering with an even edge.

Important: barriers properties remain intact. 

The laser-scribed line placement depends on wrapping design and functionality.

Scribing in cross or web direction provides a simple tearing of the wrapping top and eliminates the risk of spilling due to low physical force needed.  Angle-scribed line ensures neat opening hole for dosed consumption or pouring into another container. 

The features of Easy Open packaging:

  • even tear-off
  • barrier properties preservations
  • implementation in various designs
  • customer-friendly and intuitive opening

The advantages of Easy Open packaging: 

  • enhanced pack appeal
  • improved customer experience
  • convenient consumption with clean hands
  • additional competitive edges

Uniflex Easy Open packaging

Packaging that fulfils needs  

Uniflex packaging solutions are tailored to your business needs. Innovative printing technologies and up to 10 colours printing will help your wrapping to stand out on shelves.

Be noticeable both visually and functionally – Full HD Flexo and HD Flexo printing up to 200 lpi provide excellent printing quality, while Multicolor technology ensures bright and saturated images.  

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