According to the Save Food initiative, 30% of unused food is disposed of in industrialised nations. As conscious consumption is catching on, products in trays become an answer to on-the-go lifestyle and the shrinking household size. Uniflex offers multi-layer barrier films for tray lidding to protect your product quality and freshness.  

Lidding films applications

Food in tray packaging provides convenience to your consumer demands while for retailers it also reduces costs of in-store cutting and weighing.

Uniflex lidding films food packaging can be used for:

Uniflex tray lidding films packaging

Uniflex manufactures flexo printed films for sealing of thermoforming and ready-made PP and PE trays. Our laminated lidding films are suitable for the packaging modified atmosphere (MAP).

For PE trays we recommend using material composite PET+PE. For PP trays it is optimal to use PET+PP or PET+PE. Depending on the product type and required barrier properties, the thickness of the PE layer is 40-90 µm, and PET layer thickness is 12-23 µm.

We use additional EVOH layer in case you need packaging with high barrier properties. A PE film with EVOH grades provides the high barrier to gas and water vapour permeability which is essential for the shelf life extension of perishable products.

The advantages of Uniflex lidding packaging:

  • enhanced consumer convenience
  • taste and aroma preservation
  • extended shelf life
  • food safety
  • BRC-certified manufacturing

The performance of Uniflex printed lidding films:

  • various barrier properties depending on the product type
  • easy opening and reclose
  • antifog effect

Uniflex lidding films

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