Packaging with a promo code is a powerful instrument for engaging customers in promotional games and actions, as a code stimulates to perform certain actions, activating brand-consumer interaction which results in sales increase.  

Uniflex produces flexible packaging with unique codes up to 10 alphanumeric characters.

Uniflex packaging with codes

Code marking is aimed at promotional activities or forgery protection. Uniflex uses two technologies for code marking: laser marking and ink printing. The list of codes can be generated either by clients or by Uniflex technologists. 

Ink-printed promo code

Promo codes are printed using black ink on PP and PET films, as well as on aluminium foil. However, the peculiarity of such code is that the ink is not certified for food contact. That’s why the code must be laminated with another film layer.

Laser marking and coding

Codes are marked on metallised and white PP film by the laser beam. The laser promo code could be in direct contact with food. To maintain packaging protective properties, the minimum thickness of the material must be at least 50 microns. 

The promo code can be tailored to your needs, including the changing size of symbols and spacing between them. Besides, the laser promo code can be marked with solid or perforated lines.

To reduce the loss of material, packaging rolls have the code-free area for the adjustment on filling equipment. For quality control, a roll is accompanied by a label indicating the first and last codes in this roll.

Laser-marked code

Packaging that is able to deliver results

After the end of promo action, it is crucial to give a customer an additional driver for repeat buying. Innovative flexo printing technologies HD Flexo and Multicolor will help make your packaging stand out. With Easy Open option increasing convenience and tactile matt varnish your packaging will become so good that customers can’t look away. Get a quote for your packaging by clicking the button above!