Recyclable packaging

Over the last few years talks about environmental friendly packaging have been raised by society and government a number of times. According to the study carried out by McKinsey & Company "How Plastics-Waste Recycling Could Transform the Chemical Industry" only 12 percent of the world's plastic film packaging is recycled. Big global brands such as Nestle, Unilever, PepsiCo, Danone and entire countries have decided to switch to recyclable environmentally friendly packaging by 2025-2030.

Countries around the world are tightening waste management laws and switching to reusable and recyclable packaging.

Despite the promotion of environmental ideas in society, only few understand and distinguish what packaging can be recyclable and reusable.

As a rule, packaging for products that we buy in stores consists of several layers of different types of plastic (PET, PE, PP, etc.). Each layer is responsible for one of the manufacturer's tasks: to preserve the appearance of the product, protect it from environmental impact, prolong the shelf life, protect the packaging from the effects of the product itself (applicable for aggressive household chemicals, cosmetics, auto chemicals, etc.), provide final consumer with the convenience of using the product. Such packaging is hardly recyclable, because it is technically difficult or sometimes even impossible to delaminate and sort it by type of plastic.

Uniflex elaborated a solution to replace multi-layer packaging containing different types of materials with mono-material packaging. Today company is already producing packaging that is suitable for recycling on an industrial scale.

Uniflex mono-material packaging consists of one polymer (polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP)) and can be barrier or non-barrier. This packaging retains all standard functions of packaging that contains different types of plastic, but also can be recycled, which is confirmed by presence of the particular Recycling symbol. After secondary processing such packaging will be inverted into granules, which can be used for the production of technical packaging, pallets, films.

Recyclable mono-material packaging from Uniflex

Mono PE: 

Consists of several layers of polyethylene. Can be barrier and non-barrier, transparent and full color. Suitable for replacing PET / PE structures.

Recyclable flexible packaging - 4

Mono PP: 

It consists of several layers of polypropylene. It can also be barrier and non-barrier.

Recyclable flexible packaging - 5


Sustainability of Uniflex packaging is confirmed by the certificates of the European institute Cyclos-HTP GmbH. It is one of Germany's leading expert companies in the field of waste and material flow management, which provides services for the classification, evaluation and testing of suitability for recycling of packaging and goods.

And also from the independent European laboratory Interseroh.

Uniflex already offers recyclable mono-material packaging solutions for the following industries:

1) confectionery;

2) groceries;

3) dairy products;

4) household chemicals;

5) pet food.

Uniflex is open to share its expertise with companies from other segments and help to switch to recyclable packaging for any business.

It was an important strategic decision of Uniflex to start of production of recyclable packaging from mono-material structures. The company takes into account international trends and directions of customer development. Uniflex strives to contribute to the construction of environmentally ethical business and circular economy and to help customers comply with national and international standards on waste management and environmental protection.

Uniflex is ready to offer recyclable packaging options for all customers who want move to a new mono-material packaging aiming to build their business taking into account principles of sustainability and to adhere to the strategy of waste-free world. For all questions please send your request to or ask your manager for the samples.