Uniflex offers custom self-adhesive labels of any form and any number of copies. From limited edition promo stickers to large quantities of customised premium-class ones – we guarantee one of the best quality in the industry.


Digital label printing

Today new challenges emerge in the world economy. It becomes even more consumer-centric. Highly customised products that strive to personalise and emotionally involve the customer flood the market. Other global trends are:

  • extreme quality of stickers
  • micro-segmentation of products (demographic, geographic etc.)

The sticker directs the buyer's attention when they see a multitude of roughly identical products in the store. Very often, the choice is not the product itself, but its packaging.

The big change in label printing

Digital printing machines have created a mini-revolution in the industry. It made small to medium print runs attractive for manufacturers – with less pre-production time, faster product lifecycle, and a trend to highly customise product packaging. 

Digital label printing offers multiple advantages to our clients:

  • precise corporate colours in stickers
  • minimum time from order to production
  • less waste during production

Our printing technologies

Uniflex printing technologies

Cast and Cure HD Flexo Full HD Flexo Multicolor

Technologies for self adhesive labels

Keeping up with market trends, we utilise technologies that bring us closer to offset and deep printing in terms of quality and colour accuracy transmission.
HD Flexo combines high-resolution optics with special types of screening designed to achieve enhanced image resolution in flexographic printing. High resolution allows for excellent image detail and clarity.
Multicolor extends the colour gamut of the triad through additional inks. Printing packaging stickers using Multicolor technology delivers saturated colours and quality, as well as a significant improvement in the visual perception of the food label stickers with an image that closely resembles reality.

Types of self adhesive labels

Flexographic sticky label printing up to 10 colors

Flexographic technology is still the dominant method in the industry. It is optimal for large quantities (more than 300 square metres of print runs). Flexo printing provides additional production options: use of screen printing, varnish, and embossing label techniques.

Self-adhesive labels for premium vodka
Self-adhesive label for premium alcohol. Flexo printing allows to improve labels with screen printing, varnish, and embossing

Digital or flexographic?

We base our recommendations on various factors such as the cost of materials, quality and features of your layout, special requirements, number of print runs etc. Uniflex experts will gladly consult you on the optimal choice for your printing needs for self-adhesive labels!

Self-adhesive labels for bodycare and cosmetics
Self-adhesive label for Papa Care baby shampoo

Customise your products

We offer premium-class sticky labels for wine and spirits, cosmetics, bodycare, food, and other products. Cans and bottles for car fluids, and cell jars have to withstand hard exposure to oils, acids and other chemicals. We use special lamination and varnishing techniques to protect stickers. Special rubber glue with high adhesive qualities cements the label even with cans with high-silicone or highly textured surfaces.