The trend for a healthy diet and on-the-go lifestyle has boosted the demand for premade salad kits.

At the same time, according to the UN World food program, in the developed countries, 40% of food is lost in the process of consumption and sale through retail chains.

Naturally, in the segment of fresh vegetable kits and salads commercial success depends on the shelf life of the product, its freshness and appetizing appearance preservation. Especially for the fresh salads, vegetables and fruits packaging, we offer a breathable Ufresco package.

The use of breathable packaging

As the herbs and vegetables "breathe" during storage, i.e., consume oxygen and produce carbon dioxide, packaging film needs to ensure proper gas exchange and to create an optimum microclimate inside. Also during the storage process, water condensate is collected in the package, which worsens the package transparency and creates an environment for the bacteria reproduction.

"Uniflex" has developed a comprehensive solution for the fresh herbs and salad kits packaging: breathable pack Ufresco with the addition of “antifog” coating and microperforation solves the problem of packaging fogging and increases the shelf life of vegetable kits.

Laser microperforation gives access to oxygen in the package of pre-cut salads and removes carbon dioxide due to the invisible holes. Special “antifog" additive does not allow condensate to accumulate large drops on the PP and PET films surface and preserves their transparency.

Benefits of Ufresco packaging:

  • attractive appearance without fogging
  • improved gas exchange in the package
  • extension of the product shelf life
  • losses reduction during processing and logistics

Possibilities of Ufresco packaging:

  • laser films scribing in cross or web direction for easy opening
  • assigned perforation size 
  • spot matte and glossy varnishing
  • integration of the Easy Open option into the existing design

Breathable packaging for greens and salads

Take care of comfort

Make your product consuming process more convenient - add the Easy Open function to the packaging.

The laser cutting technology allows the packing film to be scribed in the cross or web direction for easy opening. It is only necessary to tear the packaging along the line, without additional effort and risk to split greens.

Important: laser-scored punches on the top layer do not impair the film barrier properties.

Uniflex packaging solutions

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