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Vacuum pouches are used to hold a variety of products – fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and meat, milk, convenience food, salad, bakery and confectionery. The vacuum inside a pouch conserves the original flavor and quality of your product, greatly extending its shelf life. We meet all legal requirements and food industry standards, Uniflex works under strict regulations of BRС/HACCP.

Uniflex experts customize vacuum pouches to your specific needs. We offer up to 5 layers of protection to conserve even the most sensitive products.

Custom printed bags

You have the vision – and we have the means! Our talented team of designers help almost 10% of Uniflex customers to create their unique look in the market from the ground-up. Your custom printed bag is sure to stand out! Uniflex also offers unique brand protection – special holographic, luminescent, and 3D effects to protect your product from counterfeit.

Uniflex pre-production department will make sure the image you see on your screen is the same you see on the package. We offer high-definition printing up to 206 lpi with innovative HD FLEXO and FULL HD FLEXO technologies. 

Professional machinery for vacuum pouches manufacturing

Uniflex facilities host a number of modern machines for pouches manufacturing, including well-known European and Japanese brands. 

Vacuum bags making machines

Post-production testing

Uniflex offers custom printed bags designed to protect your product from multiple negative factors: 

  • atmosphere, gas, and vapor,
  • sunlight and UV radiation,
  • tension, friction, and burst pressure,
  • corrosive substances, extreme temperatures, and more.

All vacuum pouches are tested in the laboratory to ensure high quality of the packaging.

Our printing technologies

Web packaging technologies we use

Stand-up pouches (Doypacks)

Stand-up pouches or Doypacks are very popular for powders, liquid soap and shampoo, mayonnaise, ketchup, peanut, pistachio, and windshield washer fluid.

Spout pouches (or bouchon pouches) are the kind of stand-up pouches convenient to store liquid and semiliquid substances. They allow easy pouring of the product.

For liquids

Possible size ranges of stand-up pouches for liquids, mm:
Height: min – 105, max – 280
Width: min – 100, max – 350
Bottom gusset: min – 30, max – 75

Additional features for stand-up pouches (liquids):

  • pouch handles
  • euroslots
  • spouts (big or small)

For non-liquids

Possible size ranges of stand-up pouches for non-liquid goods, mm:
Height: min – 100, max – 800
Width: min – 95, max – 330
Bottom gusset: min – 25, max – 80

Additional features for stand-up pouches (non-liquids):

  • breathing valves
  • zipper locks
  • opening tear notches
  • euroslots
  • microholes

Gusseted bags

Gusseted bags (also called 4 square pouches) are popular packaging solution for nuts, pet goods, coffee&tea, flour etc.

Possible size ranges of gusseted bags, mm:
Height: min – 80, max – 710
Width: min – 95, max – 400
Bottom gusset: min – 30, max – 75

Additional features for gusseted bags:

Shaped pouches

Get creative: custom shaped pouches attract more attention to your products. They are very good at promoting new company products or making your brand stand out in the shelves.

Uniflex offers custom shaped stand-up pouches, gusseted bags, and flat pouches. Please refer to the corresponding pouch type for available size ranges and features.

Flat pouches

Flat pouches or pillow packs are good for seeds, grocery, sweets etc.

Possible size ranges of flat pouches, mm:
Height: min – 60, max – any
Width: min – 60, max – 800

Additional options for flat pouches:

Self-adhesive labels for pouches

We provide clean pouches of any size. The pouches are easy to brand with customized self-adhesive labels. Pouches with labels are ideal for product promotions, test product launches, small-scale manufacturing, and giveaways. Pouches with self-adhesive labels require less investment which means less risk for your business. Find out more about our label printing capabilities here.

Vacuum pouches for various industries

Uniflex experts will consult you about the optimal materials for your package. It is very different from industry to industry, ranging from a single barrier pouch for seeds or promo products to multi-layer pouches for car oil, pet food, and household detergents. Please click on a picture to read more about a specific industry. If your industry is not listed below, please contact us for a customized solution!

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