Web flexible packaging

Web flexible packaging is one of the key product directions in the Uniflex portfolio.

Uniflex proposes effective flexible packaging solutions on beneficial terms combining both digital and flexo printing technologies in the manufacture of flexible wrapping. The customer can order the exact amount of web packaging which is needed at the moment.

Roll packaging has been produced by our company for many years.

Each year we take part in the well-known international contests. Oftentimes we won the Grand Prix and first prizes and were given the following awards:

  • The FlexoTech Award (United Kingdom), EFIA Print Awards (United Kingdom),
  • GRAND PRIX CYREL (DU PONT, France), PART Awards (Russia).

International recognition unconditionally confirms the extraordinary quality of Uniflex packaging.

Chupa-chups roll packaging

Our expertise

We produce roll flexible packaging that has the following benefits:

  • High-quality image. Flexo printing up to 10 colours along with cutting-edge printing technologies make it possible to realize designer ideas without noticeable constraints in colour gamut, details thickness, half-tone delivery.

  • Extremely well-done prepress is 75% of success in every print run. Unique prepress has a crucial meaning while embodying design idea into roll package. Uniflex prepress specialists thoroughly analyze files for printing. As a result, all pitfalls that could arise during the production of roll flexible packaging are anticipated and are promptly dealt with. We provide prepress proofing to further reduce any chance of mistake – the printed proof is the closest possible copy of the end result. 

Our printing technologies

Uniflex printing technologies

Cast and Cure HD Flexo Full HD Flexo Multicolor

Service support

Roll flexible pack is a semi-finished product for further being put into production on pack processing lines. There are many subtleties and pitfalls on the way where web connects with products and becomes the finished goods.

Our company has a high-end department of customer support service. It provides a technical support to our customers in the terms of packaging equipment fitting while launching the new combinations of packaging materials.

Being professionals in the packaging industry and having the necessary technical and technological knowledge and experience, Uniflex customer support service is directly involved in the trial test on the client production place.

This approach gives our customers the reasonable confidence that:

  1. Packaging equipment speed is able to be increased.
  2. Technological waste of web packaging material can be seriously diminished on the processing lines;
  3. Your product wrapped into our roll flexible materials is guaranteed to keep their consumer properties during all period of validity.

We convert a range of plastic films into rolls ready to be used in packing machinery and wrapping equipment.

Uniflex offers multicoloured packaging films printed on any roll flexible materials with a thickness of 12 to 180 microns: BOPP (biaxially orientated PP), CPP (cast polypropylene), OPP (orientated polypropylene), PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Laminators «Nordmeccanica» allow us to produce the best quality flexible packaging, including 2-5 layers barrier films

Ice cream flexible packaging

Flexible packaging solutions for various products

We can offer you a wide range of packaging materials with various barrier properties for different groups of food, chemical and industrial products.

Our experienced production engineers can match the exact combination of the printing technologies and materials to ideally meet your draft on the base of printing quality, eye appeal and cost. Deep knowledge of the printing processes is the guarantee of the exact transfer of the labelling or packing image from the PC display onto the real material.

Realize your own ideas with the help of our flexo and digital printing technologies!