Web packaging and pouches for confectionery goods

Confectionery packaging

Confectionery production is hypercompetitive, with a lot of big players and dwindling traditional markets. One of key success factors in bulk confectionery manufacturing is variety.

In his influential 1948 book Candy Production, Methods, and Formulas, Richmond Walter writes, “pack all candies in such a manner so as to ensure eye appeal when a package is opened." But consumer interaction with your package begins the second they see it on the shelf. To secure a sale, make your package the best possible. Your package will be your ad, your salesman, and even your message to the customer.

Fruit-tella candy - flexible packaging
Lollipops – flexible packaging

Sweet packaging is extremely important for wholesale and retail. A good package will engage a customer in a story, involvingc emotionally in your product. A lot of manufacturers design creative candy and chocolate packaging striving to be the most visible on the shelves. We make sure your design ideas are not restricted in any ways. If you can design it – we can print personalized custom cande packaging! 

Uniflex experts have extensive experience serving the confectionery industry. We provide packaging solutions both in flexible sweet pouches packaging, including manufacturers of:

  • sweets, candy and candied fruit and nuts,
  • lollipops,
  • sweetmeats,
  • chocolate (chocolate truffle),
  • jelly beans and gummies.

Good food pouches, chocolate coated treats

Make your packaging shine with Cast & Cure!

Uniflex is one of the earlier adopters of Cast & Cure, the holographic technology that makes your packaging unique and eye-catching. With ample selection of holo effects and a multitude of available composite combinations, Uniflex offers one of the most versatile printing technologies on the market. Your design ideas are not restricted by the use of metallized surfaces as in foils or by dull patterns.

Cast & Cure is vibrant, original, and immediately attracts customer attention. It can serve as a counterfeit-proof, too, which is vital for markets with unfair competition. Read more about Cast&Cure to find out how we make 3D, lens, flicker and other effects and protect your brand.

Cast and Cure effects: glitter, 3d lenses, ice melt effect

Creative grouped candy packaging

Uniflex offers an effective grouped candy packaging with creative design elements, manufactured on modern European and Japanese equipment. Our food-grade packaging solutions include Doypacks (stand-up pouches), flat pouches (sachets, pillow packs), gusseted sweet packaging bags, and single colour pouches with self-adhesive labels.

There are multiple customization options for candy pouch packaging as well. We offer custom shapes, opening tear notches, zipper locks, adhesive tape, and more. Click here to learn how you can improve your packaging.

Grouped candy packaging

Choose the best materials for your packaging

Our R&D experts constantly test different composites, glues, and paints to provide you with the best packaging quality. We collaborate with the leading European printing equipment and software suppliers. Every custom sweet packaging solution is carefully developed according to our customer's needs. Although the most common laminate is a single or double PP film, the diversity of confectionery products means the packaging solution is always developed individually.

Chocolate is extremely vulnerable to sunlight and also needs protection against oxygen, especially if there are nuts inside, so the composite materials should preserve the initial gas composition and light level in the packaging. 

Packaging for stick candy should have high transparency and good sealing qualities. The optimal choice of materials would be a 20 micron thick transparent/glossy polypropylene film (good barrier properties against water condensate, high transparency).

SCHEME 1 is optimal for group chocolate sweets packaging. It is a three-layer laminate that will protect the product from sunlight and oxygen.

  • transparent or matte PET (good barrier properties against water condensate, high transparency)
  • metalized PP (good barrier against water condensate and sunlight)
  • transparent PE (sealing and structural layer, good barrier against water vapours)

Combination 1. A 3-layer laminate packaging for confectionery with high level of protection requirements

SCHEME 2 is a two-layer laminate. The choice between transparent or non-transparent composite depends on whether the customer wants a look-through part for product display.

  • transparent or matte PET (good barrier properties against water condensate, high transparency)
  • transparent or white PE (sealing and structural layer, good barrier against water vapours, high transparency)

Scheme 2. A two-layer laminate for lighter, transparent packaging solution

Packaging from recyclable and eco-friendly monomaterials for confectionery goods

Mono PEconsists of several layers of polyethylene. Can be barrier and non-barrier, transparent and full color. Suitable for replacing PET / PE structures.

Web packaging and pouches for confectionery goods - 5

Mono PPit consists of several layers of polypropylene. It can also be barrier and non-barrier.

Web packaging and pouches for confectionery goods - 6

Learn more about recyclable solutions at this link.

Stand out with your packaging

With multiple innovative technologies at our disposal (Metalflex, Multicolor, FULL HD FLEXO, next-gen digital printing), you can be sure your package will be one of the best.

Contact us for a tailor-made packaging solution for your product.