Flexible packaging for fish & seafood

Fish and seafood packaging

While fish and seafood packaging comes in a lot of forms, flexible packaging is one of the most effective and eco-friendly in the market, as it allows to implement light, bio-friendly, and lower-cost packaging solutions for your products.

Most consumers today expect the packaging to match product quality, looking for the product with an informative, safe, leak and odour proof packaging with high-quality design.

Packaging for Barentsevo capelin

A highly customized packaging solution

Flexible packaging is extremely effective for fish and seafood products, providing odourless, high barrier puncture proof packaging with premium quality printing of up to 10 colours. One of the biggest advantages of Uniflex packaging is its high customization: you can choose from roll packaging to many kinds of vacuum pouches (ready-to-seal stand-up pouches, flat pouches, and gusseted bags).

Uniflex offers one of the best packaging solutions, allowing you to choose from a number of options to reach a customized solution that suits your needs best.

We offer flexible packaging for any fish and seafood products, either chilled or frozen:

  • pollack (colin)
  • scampi
  • trout
  • shrimp
  • tuna
  • salmon
  • haddock
  • prawns
  • mackerel

Award-winning flexible packaging for fish and seafood

Premium flexible packaging for your needs

Uniflex team is proud to state that our packaging is highly regarded for its quality and design by multiple European experts. We take pride in our work, improving our service every day.

While there are a lot of composite combinations, we would like to show you a few packaging solutions for seafood snacks, fresh, chilled, frozen, smoked, and salted fish.

The pouch for salmon

Seafood snacks packaging

Taking into account the properties of dried seafood snacks we recommend lamination with printing placed between the layers of PET and PE films. In some cases when the product has sharp edges that can potentially compromise packaging integrity, we recommend using polyamide film instead of PET.

  • Transparent polyethylenterephthalat (good protection against oxygen)
  • Transparent polyethylene (transparent thermo-sealing layer, prevents water vapours from entering the packaging)

Seafood snacks packaging scheme

Packaging for semi-preserved food, salted or smoked fish

Preserves manufacturers have very strict requirements for flexible packaging. It should not be affected in any way by the extremely aggressive marinade or salt solution, it must withstand tension and maintain proper transparency of polyethylene film. If the product has sharp-edged like fins or tail, the packaging must be puncture proof. We create the laminate with such properties using polyamide with polyethylene film with special additives.

  • Bioriented polyamide (high resistance to oxygen and other gases, heat and frost. The film conserves flavour and taste of highly volatile substances)
  • Transparent polyethylene (transparent thermo-sealing and structural layer, protects the packaging from water vapours).

Laminate structure for smoked, salted fish, semi-preserved seafood

Packaging for vacuum-treated fish and seafood

We use combined materials based on PET and transparent PP with special additives to provide the best protection for vacuum-treated sea products. This special combination of film layers conserves the product without breaking vacuum during its whole shelf life.

  • Transparent polyethylenterephthalat (good protection against oxygen)
  • Transparent polyethylene (transparent thermo-sealing layer, prevents water vapours from entering the packaging)

Optimal composite combination for vacuum treated fish and seafood

Safe and vivid packaging for your seafood products

Uniflex implemented a wide range of modern printing technologies to make your packaging one of the best on the market. Our R&D department is constantly working on new composite combinations, with our prepress and engineers developing new industry solutions with Esko, HP, and other big players in the printing market.

Uniflex is also one of the early adopters of Cast&Cure, an innovative selective holographing technology that provides strong brand protection and improves packaging design. It is easily integrated into an existing design or can be used as a key feature of brand new packaging. Cast&Cure improves your web packaging with transparent holographic effect in any place of the package, highlighting any design element you choose. You can read more about our expertise in flexographic (up to 10 colours) and digital printing.

Customized packaging solutions for your fish products

Uniflex experts have an ample experience developing effective flexible packaging for fish, seafood and other frozen products. Please contact us via the "Get a quote" button or send us an email at info@uniflex.by for a customized solution or additional information.