Self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging for spices, seasoning and sauces

Herbs & spices packaging

Spices and sauces are essential components of an appetizing dish. Fries and ketchup, a cake and vanilla, chicken and curry – all of them are proven over time mixes. However, modern buying trends dictate new rules for industry players.
A consumer wants to cook tasty as the popularity of exotic cuisine and the plenty of video cooking tutorials increase demand for non-standard seasonings and ready-made mixes. Moreover, a consumer wants to cook quickly as the nonstop pace of living determine the need for combined 2 in 1 solutions – for example, meat and garnish species in one pouch.

Chim Chim Korean spice mix

Pouches and web packaging for spices and sauces

Depending on product type and its packing conditions, Uniflex offers roll packaging and polymeric pouches with high barrier properties. For packaging production, Uniflex uses transparent, metalized, white and pearl-white films, foil and eco-papers. Multi-layer combinations of such materials prevent moisture, sunlight, oxygen and foreign smells ingress.

Add interactive elements to the packaging – a transparent window in various film types shows the product before purchase and tells about its quality. Matte varnishing combining with selective gloss varnish is an additional chance of catching a customer's eye. This will highlight packaging on store shelves and make it nice on the touch. Ready-to-use pouches are optionally enhanced with zip locks, tear notches for easy opening and other options that increase customers convenience while using the herbs pouch.

Become visible! Read more about the Cast&Cure selective holographing and glazing technology, Metalflex effects and the Multicolor extended colour gamut technology.

Self-adhesive label for spices and sauces 

For sauces in jars and spices in glass mills order Uniflex self-adhesive labels. A multi-layer peel-off label allows the arrangement of mandatory product information and useful tips, such as recipes.

For extra inks protection try a Uniflex laminated label. Lamination with a film protects ink layer and increase label durability, which is important if at least one bottle from a batch is damaged through transportation and storage. Uniflex digital label is optimal for a wide product range and short runs. There are some additional advantages of digital printing, such as on-hand layout changes, fast delivery, and ready die-cutting catalogue.

Self-adhesive labels for Kinto sauces

Composite materials for spices packaging

Most of spices and seasonings are dry powdery substances with an intense smell, so packaging must be airtight and moisture-proof.

Flat pouches (or pillow packs for smaller product packing, up to 10 g)

We recommend using thinner composites for flat pouches (40-60 microns thin PE film in the laminate).

  • transparent PET (good barrier against oxygen)
  • metallized PP (high barrier properties against water condensate and sunlight)
  • transparent polyethylene (sealing and structural layer, protects against water vapours, transparent)

Optimal composite combination for flat pouches

Doypacks (stand-up pouches)

Doypack became one of the most popular packaging solutions because of its versatility. It is ideal for many liquid, pasty, and granular products. Doypacks stand out on the shelves and offer better usability for the consumers. Stand-up pouches are easy to transport and store, so the packaging is very popular with mayonnaise and sauce manufacturers.

  • transparent PET (good barrier against oxygen)
  • white polyethylene (sealing and structural layer, protects against water vapours, non-transparent)

Doypack composite structure

Ketchup packaging

The laminate we recommend for ketchup packaging has 3 layers based on PET, aluminium foil, and specialized PE film. Depending on the product mass and the type of the package, we create a customized packaging solution with the best composites for the task.

  • transparent PET (good barrier against oxygen)
  • aluminium foil (excellent sunlight reflection, protects against water vapours)
  • transparent PE film (sealing and structural layer, protects against water vapours, transparent)

Optimal layer combination for ketchup packaging

Packaging from recyclable monomaterials for spices, seasoning and sauces

Mono PEconsists of several layers of polyethylene. Can be barrier and non-barrier, transparent and full color. Suitable for replacing PET / PE structures.

Self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging for spices, seasoning and sauces - 5

Mono PPit consists of several layers of polypropylene. It can also be barrier and non-barrier.

Self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging for spices, seasoning and sauces - 6

Learn more about recyclable solutions at this link.

Tailor-made packaging solutions 

Uniflex is striving to create personalized packaging solutions depending on customers needs. Click on “Get a quote”, describe your need and attach a layout. We will contact you to solve your problem and start a successful partnership.