Flexible packaging and vacuum pouches for ice cream

Ice cream packaging

As with many other products ice cream packaging must combine strong visual appeal with good product protection. High-quality packaging will make your product last longer, sell better, and improve brand recognition.

Ice cream – stand up pouch

While a lot of customers purchase ice cream on impulse, the appeal and brand image become one of the biggest factors for ice cream manufacturers. In this situation, the design and high quality of the product packaging become vital to driving sales and staying ahead of the competition.

With shrinking marketing budgets and smaller margins, advertisement moves from the TV screens and billboards to the shelves of the supermarkets. On-shelf advertising is much more effective, too, as the amount of time between the ad and the decision to purchase is minimal – thanks to the right choice of ice cream packaging, as it helps your product stand out among others, informs the customers, and conveys company message.

Soletto ice cream web packaging
Roll packaging for Dione ice cream

Composite combinations for ice cream packaging

There is an ample choice of composites for ice cream packaging. Uniflex experts will take multiple factors into account to choose the best combination that suits both your packaging needs and your vision. Every packaging solution is created individually, so please keep that in mind for the schemes demonstrated below.

SCHEME 1. Packaging based on transparent and metallized polypropylene films offers high protection for the chocolate coating – the thin layer of aluminium foil provides good insulation from the environment, greatly improving shelf life and design options.

  • oriented transparent polypropylene film (good barrier properties against water vapours, high transparency)
  • oriented metallized polypropylene foil (good protection against moisture, reflects sunlight)

Composite combination for ice cream and frozen snacks

SCHEME 2. Pearl-white polypropylene film is ideal for ice cream packaging: it has a porous foamed structure, which is light and looks extremely white, allowing for unrestricted design concepts.

  • pearl-white polypropylene film (good water condensate blocking properties, high level of whiteness)

A porous and light composite, optimal as a single-layer packaging solution for ice cream

SCHEME 3. This is a single-layer laminate. Oriented transparent polypropylene film is used to emphasize the attractiveness of the product. 

  • oriented transparent polypropylene film (good barrier properties against water vapours, high transparency)

A single layer PP film protects against water vapors and provides high level of transparency

Make your ice cream packaging a treat to look at

With multiple options for customization and personalization, Uniflex provides ice cream packaging that is ideal for promotions, advertising campaigns, and better engagement with your customers. Use promo codes, personalization options, or any other changeable information on the packaging.

Another great technology to improve your packaging is Cast&Cure, a holographing method used to make your packaging more vivid and more engaging for the customer. Cast&Cure can also be used for forgery protection, defending your brand from unfair competition. Cast&Cure provides an ample selection of holographic and glazing patterns (images, text, iridescence all over the package), so your packaging is guaranteed to look gorgeous!

Cast & Cure melting ice effect

Learn more about Cast&Cure, HD Flexo, Full HD Flexo, Metalflex, Multicolor, and digital printing technologies and how we can print bright and detailed images making your packaging stand out on the shelves. 

Customized packaging solutions for your ice cream products

Uniflex experts have an ample experience in developing effective flexible packaging for ice cream and other frozen products. Please contact us via the "Get a quote" button or send us an email at info@uniflex.by for a packaging solution adjusted to your needs.