Poultry and Meat Packaging

Meat products packaging

Today European meat producers are facing multiple major challenges in the market: demanding regulatory environment, competitive pressure, and consumer concerns food safety, healthy food, its price, and environment protection. Uniflex has first-hand experience working with European meat producers who are among our long-term customers. We understand the industry and its challenges well and are ready to help you solve them.

Packaging for sausages and meat snacks

Safe (BRCGS/HARA) flexible packaging for meat and poultry products

Growing public concern for stricter food regulations has long been affecting the meat industry. Even though technology advances allowed us to reach significant meat and poultry shelf life, mass food poisoning reports flood the media from time to time, resulting in crippling brand damage and financial losses for manufacturers.

Dealing with the strict regulatory environment can be challenging for meat producers. Butchery packaging is one of the key factors here, and Uniflex takes HARA regulations as seriously as you do. We ensure your packaging is 100 % BRC/HARA compliant. By purchasing safe flexible packaging you eliminate all health risks and gain peace of mind in the difficult market situation.

Premium quality packaging solutions for fresh meat products

Meat and poultry producers experience severe competition in the market. The influx of new meat brands and new meat products creates a growing problem of visibility on the shelf. At the same time, a lot of manufacturers find advertising too expensive. You can save your money by increasing shelf visibility – making your packaging advertise, communicate, and sell your product for you.

Make your customers confident in the quality of your product by matching it with the quality of its flexible packaging. Premium quality packaging is also a sure way to demonstrate your product is safe and attractive to the consumer. Customers will also feel less reluctant to pay more for visibly better food.

Lidding films for trays

Optimal material combinations for meat packaging

Storage requirements for meat and poultry (chilled or frozen) influence the available packaging solutions for these products. At Uniflex we provide you with packaging with extremely high barrier properties (e.g. for oxygen 1-5 cm3/m2/24h).

The optimal choice for prolonged meat and poultry products storage is the laminate based on polyamide or PET and polyethylene with an addition of the EVOH layer.

  • bi-oriented polyamide or PET (good resistance to oxygen and other gases, ample temperature range, the material conserves flavour and taste of highly volatile substances)
  • transparent polyethylene with EVOH (transparent sealing and structural layer, good protection against water vapours, oxygen and other gases)

Flexible packaging for meat. Optimal composite combination

Anti Fog and Easy Open can be added upon customer request.

Packaging from recyclable monomaterials for meat and poultry

Mono PEconsists of several layers of polyethylene. Can be barrier and non-barrier, transparent and full color. Suitable for replacing PET / PE structures.

Poultry and Meat Packaging - 5

Mono PPit consists of several layers of polypropylene. It can also be barrier and non-barrier.

Poultry and Meat Packaging - 6

Learn more about recyclable solutions at this link.

A one-stop packaging solution

Uniflex is your one-stop high-quality flexible packaging printing house for raw, cured, dried, pre-cooked and cooked meat products. You can read more about our expertise here:

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