Pouches and flexible packaging for nuts, dried fruit and seeds

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A strong trend for a healthy lifestyle puts nuts and dried fruit at the center of consumer demand as a nutritious meal at work or on the go. And salty peanuts and pistachios are ever-popular at friend parties.

It is not enough to offer a high-quality product for wholesale success. Now product safety, extended shelf life, and optimal packaging volume are of primary importance. That`s why nuts & dried fruit packaging is transforming into additional value for a customer.

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At Uniflex you can order ready-to-use pouches and roll wrappers for:

  • peanut, walnut, pistachio, almond, cashew and nut mixes
  • dried fruit (raisin, date, fig, dried plum, apricot, candied pineapples)
  • sunflower and pumpkin seeds

Gusseted bags and Stand-up pouches for dried fruit, nuts, and seeds

Depending on your needs and product features Uniflex offers doypacks and gusseted pouches. There are multiple options to enhance your packaging functionality:

  • zip-locks for easy opening/closure
  • self-adhesive stickers for easy reclosing
  • euroslots

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About 85% of retail customers want to see the packaging content before buying. Nuts packaging companies can earn customer loyalty by adding a transparent window to the pouch. Such windows in different film types show product quality and glossy transparent elements on matte cover surfaces draw extra attention.

Cast&Cure selective holographic and glazing technology and Metalflex metallic effects technology give the premium look to dried fruit packing and matte varnish to strengthen eco focus.

For the whole product line with different kinds, you can order identical pouches and brand them with various self-adhesive labels

Select an appropriate material

We produce laminates up to 4 layers to protect the quality, taste, and nutritional properties of dried food, taking account of storage conditions.

Nuts and dried fruit wrapper

Packaging for nuts and dried food should have good transparency, sealability, and durability. Uniflex recommends using a combined material based on BOPP films with interlayer print.

Films laminate for nuts and dried fruit packaging

  • oriented transparent/pearl-white/matte PP film (prevent water condensation inside nuts packaging, high transparency)
  • oriented transparent PP film (good barrier against water condensate, high transparency)

You can choose a three-layer laminate based on BOPP+PET+BOPP to extend shelf life.

Pouches and flexible wrappers for seeds

Seed packaging should block sunlight to protect the product from spoiling. The optimal material for this is laminate based on transparent and metalized polypropylene films.

Materials laminate for seeds packaging

  • oriented transparent polypropylene film (high barrier properties, high level of transparency, high guarantee of preventing water condensation in pouches for nuts)
  • oriented metalized polypropylene film (good barrier properties against water condensate and sunlight)

We recommend using triple BOPP+PET+PE laminate to extend product shelf life.

Wrappers from recyclable monomaterials for nuts, dried fruit, and seeds

Mono PE - consists of several layers of polyethylene. Can be barrier and non-barrier, transparent and full color. Suitable for replacing PET / PE structures.

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Mono PP - it consists of several layers of polypropylene. It can also be barrier and non-barrier. Learn more about recyclable solutions at this link.

Pouches and flexible packaging for nuts, dried fruit and seeds - 8

Learn more about recyclable solutions at this link.

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