Self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging for personal care

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Eye-appealing packaging is an important factor of sales success. That`s why design and printing technological solutions come first in beauty and personal care products packaging and labels.

Any packaging for cosmetic products should be resistant to water vapour, alcohols, fat-containing and alkali-containing ingredients while remaining attractive and having a long shelf life.

Uniflex offers self-adhesive labels, flexible packaging and ready-to-use pouches for personal care with high physical integrity and chemical resistance.

Self-adhesive labels for children care

Cosmetics labels 

Label film should be elastic to follow the exact shape of a bottle and to prevent unsticking. Since 1996 Uniflex has developed deep experience in cosmetics label printing: shampoo, soap, shower gel and lotion labels.

Labels on transparent and super-transparent film

A transparent label can be a perfect match for any design and packaging type, creating "no label" look. You can barely see the difference between transparent and super transparent label on the opaque material. The super transparent film is preferable for labels on transparent bottle and jar.

Shampoo packaging with transparent label
Uniflex hand cream label

Labels on white film

The white self-adhesive film works best for highlighting the sticker on the bottle. Colours on such labels will be vivid and dense. A white film with a pearl effect can deepen an impression considerably. 

Shampoo line self-adhesive labels
Shampoo self-adhesive labels

Labels on iridescent and metalized film

The iridescent film is made from more than 100 layers of the micro thin polymer by cold lamination technology. Due to complex structure the film is able to change its colour depending on the viewing angle.

Metalized film is a single-sided aluminium coated film with visual and tactile sensation of real metal on the label.

Uniflex shampoo label
Uniflex shampoo self-adhesive labels

Peel-off label

Often there is no space for all necessary information that must be located on the small label. The peel-off label will be the solution in such situations – it`s made of two sticker layers glued together, with one piece easily detached from the other. 

Peel-off label

Screen printing

We recommend using screen printing and varnishing for additional visual and tactile sensations. What is more, the technology helps to create luxury label effect for the top-of-class product look. 

Shemetey cream self-adhesive label


Customised labels can be a powerful promotional tool. Any transient information as numbers, text, QR-codes can be printed on HP Indigo WS6600 for truly personalized labels. Another useful implication of personalization is brand protection from counterfeit.

This technology also allows printing promo stickers for various promotional activities for direct client message.

Uniflex self-adhesive label for shower gel line

Beauty products packaging

For beauty packaging, Uniflex creates multilayer composites providing needed physical and chemical properties.

Depending on your product physical condition (liquid/dry) we sift through different laminate solutions and select the optimal type of packaging material.

Packaging for soap bars

For soap bars, we recommended using combined material based on PP films with moisture protection. Transparent PP films will beneficially highlight your product inside.  

Soap packaging laminate combination

Optimal combination:

  • oriented transparent/matte PP film (good barrier against water condensate, high transparency)
  • oriented transparent/white PP film (good barrier against water condensate, high transparency)

Flexible packaging for liquid and dry cosmetic products

Packaging for personal care products should fulfil strict requirements such as good durability, sealability, protection against oxygen, sunlight and water vapour. 

Scheme 1 – optimal combination for cosmetic products with a high-concentrated active agent (hair shampoo, colourants, conditioners, masks sachets): 

Optimal composites combination for high-concentrated cosmetic products

  • PET film (good barrier against oxygen)
  • aluminium foil (high barrier material, good all-around protection)
  • transparent polyethylene (protects against water vapours)

Scheme 2 – Well-established combination with good barrier properties for hair care packaging, bath&shower products, liquid soap packaging:

Hair care, bath&shower, liquid soap, composite combination

  • transparent/matte polyethylenterephthalat (good protection against oxygen)
  • transparent/white polyethylene (thermo-sealing layer, water vapours barrier)

Packaging made of recyclable monomaterials for personal care

Mono PE - сonsists of several layers of polyethylene. Can be barrier and non-barrier, transparent and full color. Suitable for replacing PET / PE structures.

Self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging for personal care - 5

Mono PP - it consists of several layers of polypropylene. It can also be barrier and non-barrier.

Self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging for personal care - 6

Learn more about recyclable solutions at this link.

Pouches for cosmetics

Depending on your packaging process we offer ready-to-use pouches for cosmetic products of various shapes and sizes. 

Flat pouches

Flat pouches (or 3-side seal pouches) are popular for promotional sachets, cream sachets, shampoo and conditioner sachets, skin care packaging.

There are multiple customization options, such as opening tear notches, handling holes, zipper locks, euroslots, microholes, perforation etc.


Doypacks (or stand-up pouches) are widely used for liquid soap refill, shampoo, shower gel, bath salt packaging. Doypacks can also be customized with zip-lock for multiple openings and spouts for easy pouring.

Uniflex offers both pouches with printing and doypacks branded with customized self-adhesive stickers.

Skin care packaging
Skin care packaging

A customized solution for your product

We know how to make eye-catching packaging. Read more about our 10-colour flexo printing, digital printing, Cast&Cure technology.

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