Flexible packaging for pet goods

Packaging for pet goods: pet food, pet toilet products

Today pet food manufacturers are consistently striving to reach the quality level of human food with high barrier materials usage, good protection against the environment (sunlight, air, dirt, moisture), longer storage life, and improved product safety. Owners are now more concerned about the health of their pets and want to control better the amount of food they give to avoid obesity. 

The abundance of pet goods manufacturers and increasing product variety makes standing out a challenge. One of the ways manufacturers can make the product more successful is by combining high packaging functionality with an attractive brand image.

Modern pet food and hygiene marketers want to better communicate with the consumers, engaging them in a silent dialogue, and creating emotional connections. To achieve this they need highly attractive, customizable, and eye-catching messages on the packaging.

Premium pet food bags solutions for your products

Uniflex team have been working with pet goods manufacturers and acquired a deep understanding of the industry challenges. Our flexible packaging solutions are directed at helping you to eliminate these challenges and promote your product.

Uniflex pet food packaging manufacturer seeks innovation to provide our clients with a customizable product that stands out on the shelf. We offer flexible packaging in rolls or ready-to-use bags.

Doypacks for pet food

Optimal film combinations for your dog and cat food packaging

The main combination for pet food packaging materials is focused on the durability of heavy-duty gusseted bags and the premium quality and design of smaller pouches. It requires the same protection as human food to extend its shelf life and ensure all consumer qualities remain unchanged. We use one of the most inert materials with the lowest possible permeability to moisture and sunlight.

Materials combination for pet hygiene products:

Pet hygiene products, laminate structure

  • transparent polyethylene terephthalate (good barrier against oxygen and other gases)
  • transparent or white polyethylene (sealing and structural layer)

Composites combination:

Pet food. Composite structure for optimal preservation of food taste and flavor

  • transparent polyethylene terephthalate (good barrier against oxygen and other gases)
  • metallized PP (blocks oxygen and sunlight)
  • transparent or white polyethylene (sealing and structural layer, protection against water vapours)

Packaging from recyclable monomaterials for pet goods

Mono PE - consists of several layers of polyethylene. Can be a barrier and a non-barrier, transparent and full color. Suitable for replacing PET / PE structures.

Flexible packaging for pet goods - 5

Mono PP - it consists of several layers of polypropylene. It can also be barrier and non-barrier.

Flexible packaging for pet goods - 6

Learn more about recyclable solutions at this link.

Develop better pet food packaging with Uniflex Supplier

We offer both heavy duty bags (gusseted bags, flat pouches, and stand-up pouches) and flexible packaging for pet products with a number of customization options. Leave us a message above or write to us at info@uniflexpackaging.eu for a no-obligations quote or learn more about our printing technologies and expertise here.