Flexible packaging and pouches for snacks

Flexible packaging for snacks

With the pace of life speed-up, snacks are becoming more popular. New snacks are invented every year, and the segment of vegetable, fruit and cereal snacks shows active growth. Therefore, it`s important to choose the packaging, which not only protects product flavour and appearance but also will stand out among dozens of competitors.

Roll packaging for grilled pea Zharoha
Sweet boom – Cheetos choco crunch flexible packaging

With 25 years of serving the industry, we have accumulated extensive experience manufacturing flexible packaging and pouches for a number of snack foods:

  • crackers and sandwiches,
  • candy and chocolate,
  • potato chips and nachos,
  • rusks and croutons,
  • granola bars, crisp bread,
  • popcorn.

Let's reinvent your product packaging together

Each type of snack requires different storage conditions. At Uniflex we created a separate department dedicated to testing multiple properties of materials: permeability barriers, elongation, tensile strength of the film to improve our flexible packaging solutions.

Web packaging for potato chips
Flexible packaging for croutons

We offer laminates of up to 4 layers in order to block liquid, air, and light from passing through the material. We ensure that the package preserves all its physical properties during transportation and storage, as well as the original taste and flavour of the product. Acquire peace of mind with Uniflex packaging – your package will be of highest quality and your products will have the maximum achievable shelf life.

3D layout helps to see packaging "as real"

Composites for snacks packaging

The packaging should block sunlight to extend product shelf life. The optimal material for this is laminate based on transparent and metallized polypropylene film.

Composite combination for high oil snacks – chips, peanuts, rusks, nuts

  • oriented transparent polypropylene film (rather high barrier properties, does not let water condensate in, high level of transparency)
  • oriented metallized polypropylene film (good barrier against water condensate and sunlight)

Packaging from recyclable monomaterials for snacks

Mono PPit consists of several layers of polypropylene. It can also be barrier and non-barrier.

Flexible packaging and pouches for snacks - 5

Learn more about recyclable solutions at this link.

A customized solution for your product

We know how to make your product packaging shine. Read more about our Cast&Cureflexo (up to 10 colours), and digital printing technologies. Fill in the form above or send us a letter at info@uniflexpackaging.eu to get started.