Packaging for sports nutrition, dietary supplements, protein powders, nutrition bars

Packaging for sports nutrition

Global trend for a healthy lifestyle is continuously spreading year after year. Consumption of specialized sports nutrition and biologically active supplements for keeping fit and improving training results is growing in popularity not only with athletes but also with health-conscious individuals.

Sports nutrition is a special group of balanced food additives that very often have form of powder mixtures. Such mixtures need to be protected from oxygen, moisture, UV-rays and biological or mechanical contamination, therefore the quality of packaging plays a crucial role.

Uniflex offers health supplement packaging not only for sports nutrition products, but also for vitamins, protein powders and nutrition bars.

Types of packaging for sports nutrition and dietary supplements

Uniflex produces several packaging solutions for supplements:

Can be made of single-layer polymer film or multilayer laminates.

Custom pouches for packaging vitamins and other health products consist of several layers of polymer material and are suitable for manual or semi-automatic filling. Optionally can be supplemented with notches for easy opening, a zipper (zip lock or press-lok) for repeated closure, and dispensers for convenient removal of liquids.

Uniflex, a leading nutritional supplement packaging company, manufactures self-adhesive labels of any complexity. Manufacturers of sports nutrition, supplements, and vitamins can apply them on bags (transparent or with unified design) and it will allow placing additional/promotional information on the pack and give more market appeal.

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Design and appearance of sports nutrition and supplement packaging

Uniflex pays great attention to design of wrapping, quality of print and tactile feelings. We implemented the most advanced flexo printing technologies: Full HD Flexo, HD Flexo, Multicolour, which allow us to achieve comparable to rotogravure quality of printing (up to 200 lpi). To differentiate products from competitors’ products it is possible to add various effects and finishes (selective glossy or matte varnish, metallic gloss, hologram, etc.).

Materials and film combinations

Packaging for nutraceuticals, energy bars, protein powders and other sports nutrition can be made of:

  • BOPP + PE;
  • BOPP + metallized BOPP;
  • PET + metallized BOPP + PE;
  • BOPP + metallized PET + PE;
  • PET + ALU + PE
  • PAP + PE + ALU + PE.

Materials structure can be customized according to the customer's request. Right combination of materials preserves product throughout the entire shelf life, as product is hermetically isolated from the external environment. Moreover, proper choice of structure also excludes leakage or spillage of the product.

Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging for vitamins, sports nutrition and dietary supplements

Taking steps towards sustainability Uniflex developed recyclable solutions that are presented by mono material (polyethylene or polypropylene) films and bags (can be barrier or non-barrier).

FULL PP - recyclable mono material structure;

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Learn more about recyclable solutions under the link.

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