Self-adhesive labels for wine and spirits

Labels for wine and spirits

Alcoholic beverages have always enjoyed the most exquisite and technologically challenging labels that are designed to emphasize the premium status of the product. Uniflex strives to provide our customers with cutting-edge printing solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

Self-adhesive labels for Greenline product line

We print a wide range of self-adhesive labels with different materials allowing even silk screen quality level decoration effects for the lower price. Uniflex produces self-adhesive labels for alcoholic beverages that reflect the quality of your product, stand out on the shelf, and protect your product from counterfeit with complex printing techniques.

Uniflex self-adhesive labels are internationally recognized for their outstanding printing quality. We are proud to state that our labels are regularly awarded prizes at European industry events.

Black Swan. Self-adhesive label
Selecta self-adhesive label

The label is the first thing your customers look at

Alcoholic beverage manufacturers are looking for a strong advantage in the competitive market. The best label quality is even more important for wine producers, as they tend to spend fewer resources on advertising and marketing than producers of other alcoholic beverages. The label becomes the key advertising tool.

With almost 25 years of experience in serving large and medium wineries, Uniflex offers unique expertise and deep insight into industry trends in label design and production.

Heavy competition stimulates marketers to seek different ways how the product can stand out on the shelf. One of the most effective techniques invented so far is customized wine bottles. While interesting new shapes may bear that novelty effect you want, the cost of a custom bottle is very significant.

Self-adhesive label for Merlot wine
Self-adhesive label for vodka

A cheaper alternative to bottle customization is highly creative and eye-catching label design. The label is the first thing your customers will see. The label serves to deliver a message and to engage the customer. If you succeed in communication and emotional engagement with people, you have higher chances of closing a sale.

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