unique selective
holographing and
glazing technology

Cast&Cure. 100% uniqueness of your product!

Cast&Cure is a special technology of packaging enhancement. Cast&Cure is used to make your labels and flexible packaging more visible and more engaging for the customer. Additionally, Cast&Cure will protect your product from counterfeit. Uniflex is one of the early adopters of the technology. 

With Cast&Cure it's easy to implement many interesting design decisions

Cast&Cure allows many interesting options to improve your package

Cast&Cure provides selective holographing of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging, making your design less static. More advantages of Cast&Cure:


Cast & Cure – selective holographing and glazing technology.

Cast&Cure provides uniqueness of your product due to holography effects and play of light on detailed elements. We can apply the effects of luster, twinkling, luminescence, “thawing”, iridescent play and many others on any design element of your product. Apart from the mission of increasing outside affinity of the packaging Cast&Cure is used for forgery protection.

3D lens and flicker effects on web packaging

Cast&Cure – how is it done?

Cast&Cure effects are created with the help of holographic films with different patterns. Any package design element can be singled out with Cast&Cure.

Parts of Cast&Cure effects covering self-adhesive labels


Cast&Cure. Posh!

Examples of possible holographic effects

Cast&Cure for your business

If you aim to create a packaging which is able to add unique selling features to your products,
then our partnership will be successfull!