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HP Indigo WS6600. Digital solutions for small print runs of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging

While competition is increasing, consumers are eager to make their choice more consciously, and they want to have new products as soon as possible. Moreover, product life cycle is reducing which has its strong impact on the time of labels and flexible packaging usage. Nowadays, there is an efficient tool in keeping up with the competition allowing frequent changes of design, ad hoc small consignment for specific seasons, regions and events. The market dictates short runs and efficient label production terms.

Digital printing is advantageous when there is a need to print materials in small numbers and of different types. We have acquired the modern digital printing machine HP Indigo ws6600 Digital Press for production of roll self- adhesive labels and flexible packaging.

By using digital labels and packaging you will optimize the costs of small runs production and will be able to manufacture products most efficiently.

Digital printing of stickers on HP Indigo WS6600 machine gives the vast range of opportunities to your business: efficiency, mobility, optimization of label and product packaging stock. On the new machine self-adhesive web labels are manufactured on any standardized flexographic materials with the depth from 12 to 450 micrometers, including shrinkable foil.

It’s easy to create highly customized web packaging and self-adhesive labels for:

HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Press specifications

Using digital printing we can get traditionally high quality of print, which has always been the distinctive feature of Uniflex.


  • Images color intensity;
  • Reproduction of all halftones and tints;
  • Smooth gradient when dot pattern close to nought;
  • Reproduction of up to 85% of Pantone chart;
  • Image intensity and sharpness;
  • Sharpness of small details reproduction;
  • Color stability on each section of a roll;
  • Perfect color imposition;
  • 100% color reproduction in each run.


  • Applying of Multicolor technology for extension of color gamut;
  • High resolution, lineature is 210lpi;
  • Minimum font size is 3.5 pt;
  • Minimum font size in reversing is 4 pt;
  • Minimum linewidth is 0.01 mm;
  • Minimum linewidth in reversing is 0.04 mm.

When is digital printing most lucrative for your business?

Nowadays manufacturers are looking for opportunities to appeal to customers personally. The technology of applying unique information to each unit in a print run is successfully implemented in our company. Any changing information – personal names, code words, city names, digital and QR-codes – can be printed on packages or labels. A great opportunity to advertise and boost sales.

Customize your brand image and your sales message

Great segmentation at little additional cost for the manufacturer

Go digital with Uniflex

Create a message (Example: national ornaments on the label)

Bulletpoint Introduction of new products to the market

Using digital printing machine it is not obligatory for companies to produce self-sticking labels and flexible packaging in large scale when introducing new products to the market. Nowadays, you don’t need to adapt to the minimum amount of the items produced which is required in flexo or rotogravure printing. You can manufacture the exact number of pieces that you need, hence you will minimize risks and the costs of new products launching. You will also cut expenditure on production and storing of surplus. Any business goals, whether it is pre-production, manufacture of specialized batches for specific events or extension of product range is now feasible.

Bulletpoint You need to shorten production time considerably

Due to the technical capacity of HP Indigo ws6600 it is possible to reduce considerably the time of labels printing in small batches as the speed of print is 60 running meters in a minute. There is no need in additional operations such as prepress, flexo forms printing, press preparation for printing, samples approbation.

Therefore, the time for digital labels or flexible packaging production decreases to a large degree.

Digital technologies provide you with the flexible printing management as it is possible to make last-minute mock-up changes. Color proof is carried out on the materials and equipment which is used for the final self-sticking labels printing.

De facto, digital printing has a considerable advantage: we will print the orders that were needed ‘yesterday’.

Digital printing – faster production for your labels

Bulletpoint Personalized labels and flexible packaging for targeted advertising and sales promotion

Digital technologies allow you to implement the truly individualized approach and customize each item of your production and make it 100% unique. Any texts and graphic information, or combinations of them can be transient. These can be city names, zodiac symbols, months, seasons, sport and cultural events, QR codes etc.

Digital web labels personalization provide vast opportunities for the realization of sales and product promotion ideas. Individual appeal to a consumer in combination with thought-out promotional campaign can increase sales by 30-70 %.

One more significant but not so vivid advantage of digital printing is the improvement of distribution logistics to distributors and distribution chains. Diverse types of self-sticking labels can be printed in one roll and in any amount.

Ample options for customization of labels and flexible packages

Bulletpoint Brand counterfeit protection

Personalization is an efficient tool of brands counterfeit protection due to usage of the unique codes, numbering, and text information. Technical parameters – namely high resolution – make it possible to print texts, benday and rose-engine net in any color, to print tiny texts reversed on light background which is harder to carry out using other printing types.

If you combine digital and flexo printing, you choose a timely and financially effective variant of label production. You also reach the aims that are relevant for you at the particular stage of your product life cycle.

Protect your brand from unfair competition

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