"What we need to do to render package design more interesting is to play, maybe not as sophisticated and creative as Charlie Parker, but simply and with emotion like Louis Armstrong or Stan Getz to mention just two of the jazz giants.”

Lars G Wallentin, "Packaging sense"

High quality packaging has a lot of critical functions throughout the lifetime of the product. It serves as protection during manufacturing, transportation, and storage. It serves as an ad on the shelves. Good packaging is your salesperson when the customers take the product in their hands.

Save your money on marketing and advertising by getting the best packaging solutions in the industry. Make your packaging your most talented salesman that works his hardest every time consumers look at the shelves.

Uniflex uses 4 distinctive innovations in flexographic printing technology – HD Flexo , Full HD Flexo, Multicolor, and Metalflex – to make your packaging outstanding.

Flexographic printing - Uniflex - 7

HD Flexo

HD Flexo combines special dot patterns and solid plate screening methods (the software part) with high-definition optics for laser printing plate engravers (the hardware part). HD Flexo ensures good printing quality within the whole tonal range. The technology offers up to 200 lpi printing with stable midtones, gradients and solids, as well as high density of color background.

Regular flexo printing vs HD Flexo comparison

Scanned and enlarged: regular flexo printing and HD Flexo comparison

How HD Flexo packaging can improve your images:

High-detail, realistic design for your custom web packages

HD Flexo provides better gradient and better transition to zero

HD Flexo technology: better gradient, better transition to zero

HD Flexo features

Flexographic printing - Uniflex - 8

Full HD Flexo

Full HD Flexo is a new technology with 149 lpi resolution. The technology combines special screens, solid plates screening methods (the software part) with high definition aspheric optics and Inline UV2 diode exposure for laser engraver (the hardware part). Full HD Flexo creates dots with flat tops during the printing process.

Full HD Flexo is designed to use a flexographic process of 100%-digital plate making control. The technology provides great paint application, very important for solid plate printing.

Comparing Digital flexo, HD Flexo, and Full HD Flexo

Full HD Flexo provides exceptional color application, especially useful for solid density printing

Full HD Flexo advantages:

Flexographic printing - Uniflex - 9


Multicolor is the technology that greatly extends colour coverage by adding more colours to the standard CMYK palette. We use up to 7 colours to make your design ideas shine. Uniflex implements the strategy of selective colour addition to intensify colours in the image (e.g. adding Orange, Green, and Blue as in the picture below).

Multicolor makes colours more natural and intense – additional paints and their combinations extend the transmitted colour range, creating a bright and saturated image. With Multicolor we can print multiple kinds of your packaging in a single printing job without the use of several Pantone palettes, saving your money and improving printing quality at the same time.

CMYK compared to CMYKOGB (orange, green, blue)

CMYK vs CMYKOGB (orange, green, blue)

Technology benefits:

Multicolor (CMYKOGB) vs regular CMYK

CMYK vs CMYKOGB. Compare the colours!

Flexographic printing - Uniflex - 10


Metalflex is an innovative technique used to simulate metal and metallized surfaces on labels and web packages. We create rich images with holographic and glowing effects, visual illusions, and 3D effects.

Metalflex features realistic 3D effects, interesting play of light and color, and realistic metal effects

Metalflex hologram creation

Counterfeit is always a challenge for brands. Protect your products and your customers with Metalflex holographic images

Protect your products with Metalflex effects

Images created with Metalflex are brighter and richer. The technology is a better and cheaper alternative to metallized Pantone colours.

It's time to upgrade your packaging!

Our experienced production managers will help you select the most appropriate combination of materials and printing technology specifically for your project in terms of quality, external image and cost. Our thorough understanding of printing processes guarantees that a good-looking digital copy of a label or packaging will not disappoint you after being implemented in hard form.

The ideal package advertises, protects, improves, and eventually sells your product to your customers. Let's work together to protect your brand and make your products stand out!

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