Textured varnish
for a tangible
haptic effect

Consumers get used to choosing products visually, based on the packaging appearance. When packaging design and quality have reached sufficient level, there is a rising need for extra advantages and leverage.

Involve a customer’s tactile perception with a help of tactile lacquers. Firstly, tactile sense verified the information perceived visually. Secondly, direct contact with the packaging triggers the endowment effect that results in a feeling of ownership, which supports the decision making in-store.

According to Muneera Spence, Oregon State University professor, kinesthetic learners (people who absorb information best by touching, moving and experiencing) account for 45 percent of the population.

Paper Touch haptic lacquer

Tactile lacquer with Paper Touch effect is a matte lacquer that imitates various textures when applied to PP and PET films:

The combination of matte and glossy textures in the wrapping deepens the impact due to the contrast between tactile senses.

Paper touch haptic varnish is best for the packaging of products that are positioned as natural and healthy, for example, granola, nuts, dried fruit. A tactile finish gives the packaging a natural feel and delivers a multisensory experience.

A doypack pouch with Paper Touch lacquer

Packaging arousing emotions

With the current technological growth, high quality printed packaging has become a basic market requirement. In such conditions, sand touch varnishing can a customer with needed emotional “spark” without a significant change in wrapping design and functionality. Click on “Request samples” to get free samples and feel tactile effects by yourself.

If you aim to create a packaging which is able to add unique selling features to your products,
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