In its activities, UAB Uniflex Europe defines the following PRINCIPLES and OBLIGATIONS in the field of environmental protection and rational use of natural resources:

  • Ensuring the environmental safety of products and technological processes of production by meeting the requirements in the field of environmental protection, nature management, conservation and restoration of biological diversity, natural resources and objects.
  • Ensuring the constitutional rights of citizens to a favorable environment for life and health through the introduction of environmentally friendly, economical technologies and technical means.
  • Introduction of modern production technologies to preserve and restore air quality by reducing air pollution.
  • Accounting and classification of sources of environmental impact: consumed resources, composition and volume of production wastes, emissions of pollutants into the atmospheric air.
  • Prevention of the causes of emergencies at work, the direct or indirect impact of which leads to negative changes in the environment.
  • Involvement of personnel in active participation in environmental protection and resource-saving activities through training and motivation.
  • Cooperation in the field of environmental protection with interested organizations and society, creating conditions for open demonstration of the company's environmental responsibility by any interested parties.
  • Providing of environmental protection activities with the necessary resources, including personnel, finances, technologies, equipment and working hours.